Many of you, like myself, have encountered local photos labeled with the name "Chester" or "C.M. Lockwood." Chester Lockwood graduated from the Waterville School in 1908 and later married a young lady by the name of Anna Harris.

The Harris family owned a lumber mill on Badger Mountain, but when the trees ran out they built a new mill a few miles up the Entiat River and opened a small grocery store. This marked the beginning of a little town called "Ardenvoir," named after the Harris's son Arden. Arden graduated around the same time as Chester. The two Harris daughters remained in town and also graduated from the Waterville School.

Chester went to school to become a photographer and set up a shop here in Waterville. He took excellent photos for his time (almost 100 years ago!)

Two of Chester's granddaughters saw our "Waterville Alumni" website and contacted me with information about their grandparents. They gave me access to Chester's personal photo album, which inspired me to create this new photo gallery.

Sadly, a fire destroyed nearly all of Chester's photos. This album is all that is left.

As you can see, Chester did not include many last names in his album, so I am hoping that some of you will recognize people and let me know who they are.