I never thought I'd become a historian.  In my case it took many, many years... 78 of them to be exact. 

I've always been interested in photography but I never knew what to do about it.  The Museum first got me interested by asking me to restore some old photos they needed.  With the help of my Son, a Son in law and Photoshop I gradually learned how to restore old photos. 

Soon I realized that between my collection of Alumni photos and old Waterville photos, I had over 20,000 photos on my computer!  I began to realize that they might as well be in a box in a dark closet for all the good they were doing. 

Almost everyone has a  computer now days so I asked myself, "why not put them where anyone that wanted could see them?"  So we did, thanks to Angela Richmond and our Son Boyd.  

It just proves that an old dog can learn new tricks!  Some, not all! 

Click on the links above to view the photo albums! Enjoy!

~Harold Badten